Angela ZHi, my name is Angela Z. I am a travel blogger, food blogger and product reviewer.

I am also a friend, so I want to be of help to travelers, fellow bloggers, consumers, and my dear readers.

I consider this blog to be my personal journal, so I will write about places I have visited and places I want to go to. In the process, I wish to convey my opinions, thoughts, suggestions and recommendations for destinations, food, products and so much more.

I will review tourist spots, resorts, hotels, restaurants, museums, shrines, etc. So watch these pages for exciting new destinations to visit here and abroad.

This is an international blog, so I will write about local and foreign topics. As much as possible, my reviews will cover places I have visited personally and products I have used myself.

For reviews of places, food and products that I haven’t been to personally or tried out personally, rest assured that I have researched thoroughly to provide you with the information that you need.

I will never pretend to have been to a place where I have not been. In fact, I will back up all my stories and reviews with photos!

I will also provide you with other sources and references for places, destinations, etc. when necessary. Remember, I want to help you and assist you, so I will provide you with all the information that you need when you visit this site.

So…… thank you for dropping by and for reading my posts. I’m happy to share my opinions and views with you and would appreciate hearing from you too.

You can leave messages through the site’s contact form and you can share some of your own thoughts by commenting on the articles. We all love a friendly discussion of our favorite topics, don’t we?

We are all friends in this blog as we are all living in one world – this wonderful, beautiful world. So let’s share things as all good friends do and learn from one another too!

See you around, 🙂

Angela Z

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