AccuWeather Platinum Android App Review

The AccuWeather Platinum is a weather application; and it lets you monitor weather conditions all across the world. It can be used according to one’s preferences as daily and weekly forecasts are available in this app.


This app lets users monitor the weather so that activities can be planned properly. And since it can be easily accessed on one’s Kindle device, you can stay up to date to the latest weather conditions.

How Does it Work?

You can access AccuWeather Platinum in over 20 different languages. Over 2 million locations can be monitored with this app too. Aside from its ability to provide detailed weather forecasts, it can also be programmed to update the information every 15 minutes.

Score: 4/5

This is a great weather app as it can provide users with accurate information about weather conditions from different places all around the globe. It can therefore be used for emergency purposes and to simply stay updated with the latest weather news. In spite of its usefulness, however, it doesn’t deserve a perfect score because it requires too many permission requests to access the user’s personal information.

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