Basic Tree Care for Beginners

Basic Tree Care for BeginnersPlanting a tree can be exciting for anyone. Taking care of something is a great thing to teach children while growing a tree in your yard can have a great return as you build something beautiful for yourself. However, you will not be successful unless you know how to properly care for your young tree. Tree care is actually quite simple if you know what to do.

Daily Care for a Tree

When you plant your new tree, you will need to clear an area a couple feet. There should be no plants at all – just dirt. If possible, put some tanbark in the area to stop weeds from growing. Do not let the tanbark touch the trunk of the tree; it should be a couple of inches out. Plants in the vicinity of the young tree can steal the nutrients from the soil and the tree will not get what it needs to grow. If any weeds sprout up, pull them out to the roots as soon as possible. Check every day for new weeds. You will also need to water your new tree every day for the first few months. The soil should always be damp, but be careful to not overwater the tree. After the first few months, you can just water enough to keep the soil slightly damp.

Occasional Care for a Tree

Aside from daily tasks, there are some things you will need to do from time to time. Get fertilizer and spread it once every couple of weeks. This will help give your new tree a boost to get all the nutrients it needs for proper growth. Basic tree care also includes pruning your tree from time to time. This should be done either at the beginning of spring or summer. If you do not know how to do this, you should hire a professional who can prune your tree. Pruning keeps it healthy while promoting growth of branches, fruit, or flowers. Keep an eye out for any unusual things – this could be a sign of disease or death of certain parts of the tree.

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