Bed and Breakfast Versus Hotel Chains

bed and breakfastThere is a big difference between hotels and Bed and Breakfast joints. In general, hotels are just there to provide you with a place to stay and sleep while you’re traveling from place to place. The rooms are more or less designed in standard decorations, with certain amenities depending on your choice of room.

The Bed and Breakfast setting is different, because this type of accommodation is more personalized and attentive to a person’s needs. Although they have smaller and fewer rooms, each one is decorated differently. So much so, that you will feel more relaxed in this setting as there is a “homely” feel.

The food served at Bed and Breakfast homes are also special because these are home-cooked meals. While the typical menu may include eggs, muffins, and pancakes, you can also request for special recipes if you want to. This can be arranged with the owner of the house if you make plans in advance.

As for the costs, hotels are considered to be more expensive, since you need to pay for a lot of services during the length of your stay. With the Bed and Breakfast setting, it’s more or less like a package deal, so everything is included in one charge.

It would still be wise to compare the expenses that can be incurred when you check in a hotel or a Bed and Breakfast facility. And by planning ahead, you can surely choose the best option for your money.

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