The Best Disney Songs in My Book

I want to tell you about the best Disney songs in my book. The videos below have lyrics to the songs, so you will understand what the songs are about. These are songs that are really close to my heart, so I hope you’ll enjoy listening to them too. And perhaps, they will also be among your favorite Disney songs after you listen to them.

The Best Disney Songs for Me

If you are already familiar with these songs, then I’m sure you’ll understand why they are listed in my book. But if you’re not familiar with them, I hope you’ll give them a chance by listening to the songs.

My Top 3 Best Disney Songs

Someone’s Waiting for You is one of the best Disney songs ever. It’s from the movie “The Rescuers.” I like this because it gives me hope that someone out there is waiting for me. It tells me to keep the faith until all my wishes can come true. And that’s what I’m doing.

Another one of the best Disney songs that was ever made is the theme song for “The Little Mermaid.” The title of this song is Part of Your World. Again, I can relate to this song because knowing someone means becoming a part of the other person’s world. And while it may be a different world, I’m sure it’s going to fun and exciting.

I only chose 3 of the best Disney songs that I like for now; and for the last one, I picked When You Believe by Mariah Carrey and Whitney Houston. It’s from the movie Prince of Egypt. I like it because, again, it gives me hope. I am waiting for a lot of miracles to happen in my life; and even if I’m not sure that my miracles will eventually happen, I just keep on believing. Because as it says in the song – even if hope is frail, it’s hard to kill. Sometimes I feel really weak and tired waiting for my miracle…. But hope is still burning in my heart. I’m guessing it will stay there until my last breath.

The Best Disney Songs Ever!

I hope you enjoyed watching the videos I compiled and shared with you. Maybe you were singing along with them too (which is great!). Those are the best Disney songs for me, and I just love them all! 🙂

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