Black Monday in the Philippines

Black Monday in the PhilippinesThe whole world is now aware of the tragedy that beset the Philippines. About a week ago, a strong cyclone/ typhoon hit the Philippines and left an aftermath of heavy casualties. Typhoon Haiyan (international name) or Yolanda (local name) is a level 5 cyclone and is considered to be one of the worst typhoons ever to hit the earth. Imagine that.

Well, I’m from the Philippines; I am a Filipina. And although I wasn’t directly affected by the typhoon, I feel for my countrymen who were affected by the calamity. It’s been almost 2 weeks now; and there are still people who are unaccounted for. And worse, the survivors are still without food.

Having nothing to give, all I can do is pray for my people. It’s really hard to describe or imagine what the survivors may be going through right now. When I see pictures and videos of the present situation, I just cry and say a silent prayer.

The only thing that really makes me happy right now is that other countries are helping our country. It’s uplifting; and it gives me hope. And it makes me realize that humanity is not that bad after all.

There are issues within the country as politicians in the Philippines are known for their corruption and bad practices. Sadly, there are those who still steal from typhoon victims in spite of the present situation. I don’t understand this and am disgusted with it; but it’s just the way it is, I guess. All I know is that what goes around comes around. So people who are taking advantage of less fortunate ones will get their own set of misfortunes. And somehow, I am comforted by that thought.

It’s Black Monday in the Philippines as we mourn for the loss of thousand of lives due to the typhoon. But Filipinos are known for their resiliency and strength of character; so I believe that the victims of the tragedy will recover from their loss soon enough. And with the support of the whole world, this will be even easier.

From the Philippines, thank you world. And may God continue to bless our country and our people. Mabuhay!

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