California Traffic Ticket for Speeding

If you have been driving in California, then you might have a personal experience about receiving a California traffic ticket. Being issued a ticket for speeding isn’t something that one should be proud of, but it certainly adds to one’s experiences as a driver.

I, too, have a personal story about speeding tickets. There was a time when I was pulled over by a police officer due to over speeding. And since I didn’t want to have a record on file about such a “crime”, I tried to talk my way out of it. Cops, after all, are people. And even though I understand that they are only doing their job, I think that they could let certain things slip by, especially for first time offenders.

So what did I do? I talked politely to the traffic enforcer and admitted my mistake. Because really, there’s no use in trying to denying it. They have all those speed measuring gadgets and there could even be a CCTV camera hanging somewhere in the vicinity. I figured that I will only be in more trouble if I argue my way out of it.

The solution is to politely talk my way out of it, do you see the difference? And so as I was explaining my side to the cop, telling him how I’m already late for my appointment that I didn’t know that I was over speeding, I made him feel my desperation. I also said sorry a lot and then I sort of started begging.

Begging can be done in a nice way, you know. The trick is to say please a lot, and to promise again and again that it will not happen again. And that’s exactly what I did. I said I’m sorry, and if he lets me off the hook this time, I promise to be more careful next time.

And you know what? It worked. The police officer was kind enough to forgive my first ever traffic offense and even told me to take care. It was a great lesson for me too, and now I am always monitoring my speed while I’m driving. I always make sure that I am following the maximum speed so as not to get into trouble again.


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