How Dry Ice Is Made and Its Various Uses

When it comes to water, you can expect such terms as evaporation, freezing, and condensation. At a low temperature, specifically 32 degrees Fahrenheit, your water will freeze, and at 212 degrees Fahrenheit it will boil and evaporate. In between these two temperatures, your water will be a liquid. As a result, when your ice melts you end up with water in the bottom of your cup or cooler. Dry ice, on the other hand, will not leave a liquid residue, but skips the liquid stage altogether to transform from a solid to a gas. This is known as sublimation. To learn more about dry ice, visit or similar websites.

Carbon Dioxide

The reason that dry ice uses sublimation rather than the familiar evaporation process is because it is composed of carbon dioxide rather than water. You may recognize carbon dioxide as the gas that you exhale as you breathe, or as the gas that plants use during photosynthesis. In the 1800s, the solidification of this gas was discovered in France, although the term “dry ice” was not used until it was coined by a company called Prest Air Devices in 1925.
Creating Dry Ice

Carbon dioxide will not solidify until very low temperatures, and dry ice actually holds the extremely low temperature of -109.3 degrees Fahrenheit. But how are these temperatures achieved to create dry ice? To create dry ice, gases containing carbon dioxide must be compressed at a very high pressure, causing it to liquefy. As the pressure is slowly released, some of the liquid evaporates back into gas form, causing the air around it to cool. The air will become cool enough to cause some of the liquid to frost into a form that resembles snow. This snow-like carbon dioxide can then be pressed into blocks or pellets of dry ice. The dry ice is then used for a number of different purposes.
Uses for Dry Ice

Because of its cool nature, the most common use of dry ice is of course for keeping food and other perishable items cold without leaving a puddle of water behind. But dry ice is also used for creating fog and smoke special effects when placed or doused in water, to seed clouds to cause precipitation, and even to clean industrial equipment and metals–similar to sand blasting and popping out dents in vehicles. While those are only a few of the uses of dry ice, it is important to handle the extremely cold ice safely during any sort of use, such as by wearing gloves to prevent damage to your skin. To learn more about proper handling of dry ice, visit or similar websites.

Gift Giving Is an Important Form of Communication

Every year brings plenty of opportunities to be generous. The tradition of giving gifts on birthdays and holidays is well established. Giving a great gift can brighten up the life of both the person giving the gift and the person receiving. There is nothing like a good reaction to receiving a gift. Those moments of pure joy make all the stress and trouble of finding the perfect gift worthwhile. The spirit of giving is something more people could use in their life all year round. There are opportunities to give just waiting for someone to notice. See that scraggly man searching through the garbage can? He could sure use a bowl of soup or a sandwich in his life. Maybe you have a niece who is struggling with math. She could surely use a few tutoring lessons. Everyone has a friend that constantly drops their phone and cracks the screen.  He could definitely use some phone cases for iPhone 4.

The Important Things in Life

To give great gifts, a person must be focused on the intrinsic side of life. Relationships, family, and general goodwill towards others are important in the mindset of a giving person. Ironically enough, giving an extrinsic gift can help make progress toward intrinsic goals. The perfect gift is not just a material possession that a person desires. A perfect gift helps the receiver feel love and appreciation. A person may feel like they really want a new car. However, what they truly need may be completely different from what they think they want. A great gift always starts with lots of conversation. A good listener will hear and understand how to make it a special experience.

Research for the Perfect Gift

Time is one of the most valuable gifts a person can give to their friends and family. People spending time together grow closer. Strong relationships are a key component to a healthy and happy life. Keeping the focus on the importance of your relationships will help you be a better person. A well thought out gift like phone cases for iPhone 4 can communicate your feelings in a special way that words can never match.

Merry Christmas (2013)

Merry Christmas 2013I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Did you receive a lot of gifts? Well, I just hope that we all know the real value of Christmas, that it’s not just about material gifts. There are greater things than toys, gadgets, appliances, etc. And these gifts are priceless. They can’t be bought.

If you have a loving spouse, I sure hope you know how fortunate you are. A loving and wonderful husband/ wife is a gift from God. So tell that one love of your life how important he/ she is to you (if you haven’t yet). This is the best time to do it. Why wait until Valentine’s Day?

Children are also blessings from God. So this Christmas time, appreciate the joy that your kids have given you. Yes, Christmas is a special time for children, mostly because it’s that time of the year when they get a lot of gifts; but as parents and guardians, it is our duty to instill proper values in them too. So aside from giving them gifts, tell them about the real value of the season. It is a time of love; and gift giving is just a part of the whole tradition of showing the special people in our lives how much we care about them.

And let us not forget about the gift of friendship. For me, this is one of the most wonderful gifts in life. And during the Christmas season, I hope we all get to appreciate our friends. Our real friends. You know, even if we have every material possession in the world, these wouldn’t compare to the joy of having true friends. In this materialistic and pretentious world, finding honest and loving friends can be very difficult. So if you have a few of these souls who love you unconditionally, appreciate them and try to be as good to them too. Because if you lose them, it would be worse than losing all your money and material possessions. Unfortunately, only those who have found true friendships in their life will really understand what I’m talking about. And I hope that everyone reading this article has one or two real friends to fully understand the value of this kind of relationship.

And lastly, this Christmas 2013, let us not forget what the season is really about. It is supposed to be the celebration of Jesus’ birth. The birth of our Savior and Best Friend. He has shown the ultimate form of sacrifice, not just as a God but as a friend too. Let us appreciate everything that He has done for us. Let us thank Him by walking in his footsteps and walking in love.

Merry Christmas everyone! As we look forward to celebrating Christmas 2014, let us keep all the lessons of this year in mind. And let us not wait for the next Christmas Day to show the people we love how we really feel about them. Appreciate them everyday. Let us love everyday.

Why Choose Window Tint for Your Vehicle?

Sunlight beating into your vehicle through the windows on a daily basis can make your car extremely hot and uncomfortable. In a place like Austin, Texas (a city characterized by sunshine for the majority of the year), the sun’s heating effects in your vehicle can be a daily annoyance. You can try to always park in the shade to avoid the sun, but shady spots can be hard to find and can disappear pretty quickly when you leave your car for an extended period of time. This means that when you return to your vehicle, the seats, dashboard, steering wheel, etc., will all be heated to uncomfortable levels. You may then blast your air conditioning, but it takes quite a while for the air to cool down and then even longer for it to cool down your whole vehicle. There is a more effective and advantageous method for keeping the interior of your vehicle at a comfortable temperature, and that’s window tinting. By using window tint in Austin, you can keep your vehicle comfortable and cool instead of suffering from the burning and heat of the sun. Here are some of the major advantages that window tinting has to offer over other methods.

Benefits to Tinting Vehicle Windows

Window tinting is a unique method for cooling in that this option doesn’t reverse the heating effects of the sun in your vehicle; instead it prevents them all together. Tinting blocks the sun’s UV rays from entering your vehicle so that they cannot heat up the interior at all. By preventing your vehicle from heating, you will not have to use air conditioning nearly as much to cool down your vehicle, which will save you a lot in gas costs. Additionally, by blocking out sun rays, tinting also prevents damage to the interior of your car. UV-ray exposure can cause a lot of damage to the dashboard, steering wheel, seats, and other interior elements of the vehicle. Tinting prevents this kind of damage to keep your vehicle’s interior looking like new, again saving you money by eliminating maintenance costs. For these reasons, choosing to get a window tint in Austin can be very advantageous in keeping your vehicle comfortable.

Top Reasons to Visit an Urgent Care Center

A Cumming urgent care center may be able to do more for you and your family than you originally expected. In fact, most urgent care centers also function as a family medical center and can meet your urgent, routine, and follow-up medical needs.

Your Doctor Is Out

You shouldn’t have to wait to get the medical care you need. If your doctor is not in the office, such as over the weekend or in the evening, an urgent care center may be able to help. They are usually available during off hours, and there are even 24-hour clinics that can take you at anytime of the day or night. This can provide you with faster treatment and a better chance of catching and correcting the problem in a timely manner.

You Are Sick or Injured

If you have experienced a minor injury that requires prompt attention, such as a broken bone, severe back pain, allergic reaction, burns, or any other minor emergency, then visit a walk in clinic. They have Board Certified physicians who are on-staff to quickly provide the care you need. However, if you have been involved in a serious accident that could lead to severe pain or life-threatening injuries, then you will want to visit the ER.

Your local urgent care can even take patients who are exhibiting signs of common illnesses, including the flu. If your doctor doesn’t have time for an appointment or simply leaves you in the waiting room too long, then it is important to find an urgent care center near you that can help.

You Have No Insurance

If you don’t have any health insurance, or your insurance doesn’t cover traditional doctor’s visits, then a walk in clinic can take you. While they will accept patients with insurance, they can also offer low rates for patients who don’t have insurance and simply can’t afford the astronomical costs of the doctor’s visit.

Call for More Information

Call your local Cumming urgent care center for more information on their hours, pricing, and available services. If possible, it is usually recommended that you make an appointment, but in the event of an emergency or unforeseen events, they can also accept walk-ins.

Is Addiction a Mental Illness?

Anybody who has experience with addiction knows just how harmful it can be. A person’s good health is jeopardized, they may lose their job, and their relationships may be damaged in repair. To make things worse, if a person continues down the path of addiction, they could end up in prison. There is help available at rehab centers like I’m All In Solutions, but not every addict has access to this type of help. Many in the medical, psychological, and even political fields have been wondering whether we’ve been looking at addiction the wrong way, and whether it should actually be classified as a mental illness. This is an interesting question that could have profound implications.

What Is Mental Illness?

A mental illness is a psychological state of someone who has emotional or behavioral problems. In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, in order for something to be classified as a mental illness, it must interfere with an individual’s ability to perform their regular daily routine (eating, working, spending time with family, etc.). Because addiction changes the way the brain functions, by this definition it is considered a mental illness. Both drug abuse and drug dependence are included in the DSM, though many still doubt their status as a legitimate mental illness.

Types of Addiction

With the inclusion of drug abuse and dependence in the DSM, many have pushed for the inclusion of other types of addictions. Gambling, sex, pornography, and even video game addiction have been argued as legitimate mental illnesses that require intervention. Even though none of these types of addictions involve foreign substances directly affecting brain chemistry, people experiencing them often display the same behavioral traits of a substance addict and may even have withdrawal symptoms.


So why does it matter whether addiction is classified as a mental illness or not if the results are the same? Because the way we treat addicted individuals might change. Instead of treating addicts like criminals and locking them in prison without the help they need, we might instead send them to places like I’m All In Solutions for rehabilitation. As attitudes change, so will treatment and laws.

Custom Kitchen Design Tips to Consider

The kitchen is a very important place for a homeowner. Aside from their bedroom, the kitchen is typically the room where the most time is spent in the house. It is always used for entertaining and often the gathering place for family members after a long day at work or school. This is why so many homeowners dream of having their own Deerfield custom kitchen design to appeal specifically to their individual needs. This is an exciting prospect for all; however, some counsel should be heeded. Consider the tips throughout the article to ensure you are not overlooking something that many novices do.

Allow Room for Cabinet Doors

This one sounds silly enough; however, so many homeowners design things in such a way that one cabinet door will impede the other if both are open at the same time. It is easier than you might think to make this mistake, too. Keep in mind how much room the doors take when opened up and which direction they should open. Be aware of what could be in the way or how it could impede the use of other cabinets, drawers, walkways, and appliances.

Both Creative and Functional

Most homeowners want to create their own custom kitchen so they can be creative. That is all well and good so long as the functional aspect does not get lost, too. The first rule in kitchen design is space, space, and more space. Every homeowner will want ample counter space, andevery homeowner will want ample cabinet space. It’s also important to ensure that everything is easytoreach as well. This mostly applies to appliances and drawers.

Remember the Simple Things

It can be easy to get carried away with colors and moldings while forgetting the simple things that make a kitchen useable and enjoyable. For instance, windows are often overlooked or placed in areas where the cook will not be able to enjoy the scenery. Electrical outlets should be found frequently and in places where they would likely be used, including inside one or two cabinets. Light switches should be found on either end of the kitchen and should be easy for adults to reach while inaccessible for children. Also, think about how close the garbage can will be from the back door as well as the proximity of the pantry to the table, etc. Make sure your everyday uses will be easy with your Deerfield custom kitchen design.

How to Get Good Financing on a New Vehicle

Financing a new car or truck is a huge part of buying any new vehicle. Dealerships know this. As you can see when browsing a website such as,most dealerships offer financing options for their customers. However, there are many other financing options available if you take the time to research them out first. Following are three tips that can help you obtain the best financing possible:

  • Figure out your monthly budget first.
  • Shop around for the best interest rate.
  • Use your prequalified loan to help negotiate a better deal.

Monthly Budget

Before you ever begin to look at cars, you should take time to figure out your finances. Analyze your monthly expenses and income. Using those figures, determine a monthly amount that you would feel comfortable dedicating to a car payment. Once you set that figure, avoid the temptation to creep upward on the amount. Rather, find a vehicle that will allow you to stay within your budgeted amount.

Interest Rates

There are many different interest rates available for a new car buyer. Dealerships may offer 0% financing, but it is important to remember that they have to make their money somewhere. Therefore, they might increase the prices of a vehicle in order to deliver 0% financing. Before you visit the dealership, check with your bank or credit union and see what rates they can offer. Even if you don’t know the exact price of the vehicle you will buy, you can still get prequalified for a loan. The prequalification will tell you how much you can spend; but, you don’t need to use it all.


Once you have a prequalified loan, you have increased your personal negotiation power. In some cases, the prequalified loan can act like cash to a dealership. So, before you start talking financing with a sales rep, negotiate a price based on a cash basis. You might even be able to get a price quote online from a site such as Once you have a price quote, it is time to start discussions about financing. Show the rep the prequalified loan, and ask if the dealership can beat that offer. If they can, great; you don’t have to use the prequalified loan. If they can’t, you can complete the sale without their financing.

Black Monday in the Philippines

Black Monday in the PhilippinesThe whole world is now aware of the tragedy that beset the Philippines. About a week ago, a strong cyclone/ typhoon hit the Philippines and left an aftermath of heavy casualties. Typhoon Haiyan (international name) or Yolanda (local name) is a level 5 cyclone and is considered to be one of the worst typhoons ever to hit the earth. Imagine that.

Well, I’m from the Philippines; I am a Filipina. And although I wasn’t directly affected by the typhoon, I feel for my countrymen who were affected by the calamity. It’s been almost 2 weeks now; and there are still people who are unaccounted for. And worse, the survivors are still without food.

Having nothing to give, all I can do is pray for my people. It’s really hard to describe or imagine what the survivors may be going through right now. When I see pictures and videos of the present situation, I just cry and say a silent prayer.

The only thing that really makes me happy right now is that other countries are helping our country. It’s uplifting; and it gives me hope. And it makes me realize that humanity is not that bad after all.

There are issues within the country as politicians in the Philippines are known for their corruption and bad practices. Sadly, there are those who still steal from typhoon victims in spite of the present situation. I don’t understand this and am disgusted with it; but it’s just the way it is, I guess. All I know is that what goes around comes around. So people who are taking advantage of less fortunate ones will get their own set of misfortunes. And somehow, I am comforted by that thought.

It’s Black Monday in the Philippines as we mourn for the loss of thousand of lives due to the typhoon. But Filipinos are known for their resiliency and strength of character; so I believe that the victims of the tragedy will recover from their loss soon enough. And with the support of the whole world, this will be even easier.

From the Philippines, thank you world. And may God continue to bless our country and our people. Mabuhay!

Why You Need to Get Your Business on Linkedin

It is almost impossible to miss the huge craze that social media websites have generated. Most people who regularly use the Internet will have multiple social media accounts, connecting with friends and businesses through a variety of different mediums. One of the most used forms of social media in the business world is Linkedin. Now, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about, especially with companies such as SolutionStream on Linkedin. Here is a quick look at why you need to get your business on Linkedin as well.

Connecting with Customers and Employees

The main reason why you want to get your business on Linkedin is that you will be able to establish a connection with your customers. While not everyone is on Linkedin, most people who are serious about their jobs and who are constantly looking to develop a professional appearance will have an account on this network. This means that you will be able to reach out to those who are more likely to take your business, as well as the products that you offer, more seriously. You will also be able to connect with potential employees through Linkedin, since this sites job board is quickly becoming one of the best ways to hire new people.

Business Relationships

With companies such as SolutionStream on Linkedin, this social networking site gives you the perfect opportunity to connect with other businesses. More than likely, you will not only be able to find a specific business group for your industry, but you will also find groups for your community. This is a perfect opportunity to get tips and advice from other businesses and it also gives you the chance to find businesses in your area that might offer the services that you need. In the end, you might find a business that is able to offer your services, in exchange for your products or services, which will allow for you to grow and expand without having to worry about additional costs.