Choice Is the New Stressor

Choice is the New StressorFinding a new car can be next to impossible if you do not know where to look. The problem isn’t that there is not enough choice. The problem is that there is too much choice. How do you know if a car is reliable? How do you know if it will perform as advertised? How do you know if the company is one that you want to support? You could go to the Internet for answers to these questions, but more than likely, you will run into people who have strong opinions on either side. Unless you know the people who created those opinions, you are in the same boat as before. Perhaps your best bet is to visit a Dallas Dodge dealer to find the car that you want.


Barry Schwartz hypothesizes that the number of choices that we have to make every day is actually bad for us as people and as a nation. While it is important to have a choice in a democracy, unlimited choices actually paralyze people into not doing anything for fear of making a bad choice. Worse, when a choice is made, the person feels bad about it because they should have been able to find a product that is ideal. Even if the product that they ended up with is great, it will not match the product that they can imagine. This type of buyer’s remorse causes people to feel bad about their decisions, which in turn can manifest itself as disease in the body and mental illness.

A Huge Purchase

A car is a big purchase. The only thing that you are likely to spend more money on and have more time with is your home. Rather than looking on the Internet at every car ever made, it may be better for you to find a brand that you can trust and head out to that dealership. When the dealer shows you the selection of cars on the lot, choose one of those. Make the best decision you can at the time you have to make it, and you will find your Dallas Dodge dealer accommodating and reliable.

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