The Importance of a Dedicated Server to Online Businesses

A dedicated server is of utmost importance in the internet world because it is the lifeblood of the whole web scenario. I am an internet marketer and blogger, so I am very dependent on the internet.

Let me tell you about my personal experience in the field of maintaining web sites. You might think it’s easy and everything is free, but it’s not. I need a reliable host so that I can make sure that my sites are safe and that I am backed by a reputable company.

Do you know the type of work that goes into making a website? It’s actually a lot. First, you need to find a theme that you like. Let’s face it, though any theme might work, you certainly want something that gives you pleasure every time you see it, right?

And then after choosing a theme, you need to set up all the settings in the dashboard. It’s literally working inside the website so that you can make its outside appearance (the thing that’s displayed to the world) presentable.

Oh, and here’s the most tedious part – filling it up with content! I myself write all the articles in my blogs, so I really put a lot of time and effort in building it up to what it is.

Now there was a time when I was working late and was already quite sleepy, but I was still tinkering on some of the settings and configurations on my sites. And then, guess what, I accidentally deleted ALL the contents on my 2-year old site.

You can imagine how devastated I was, and I just tried to stop myself from panicking and crying. Now, what can I do? That’s what I asked myself. In reality, there’s nothing I can do, right? I deleted it, and it was my fault. But then I thought about contacting my service provider, my host, to see if there’s something that they can do.

And guess what again? Because of dedicated server, all my deleted files and posts were restored! Now, it’s not like magic. It’s just that the dedicated server has all my files backed up. And I learned that this is done regularly so as to safeguard the users’ site content from such accidents as what has happened to me.

I am thankful to my host and their dedicated server. I would have gone crazy if I really lost all the work that I have done for 2 years!


This is a sponsored blog, but the opinions expressed are my own.

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