Do You Hate Mondays?

Do You Hate Mondays?I find this picture to be really interesting. Yes, if Monday was a person, it will probably be in the psychiatrist’s office frequently. How many times in a week can you hear the phrase “I hate Mondays?” I’m sure you’re guilty of saying this too. We all are.

Fortunately, Monday is not a person. It’s just a day in a week; and well, it can really be annoying. But maybe it’s not too annoying for the workaholic types. Maybe the workaholics even wish that every day is Monday. Can you imagine that?

I Don’t Hate Mondays

Personally, I don’t hate Mondays. Maybe it’s because I’m working at home and don’t necessarily have to be governed by the Monday rules. I work whenever I want, and I can take a day off whenever I want too. So basically, I can hate any day of the week. Right now, though, I really don’t feel any kind of hatred for any particular day. Yes, some days are more boring than others, but it’s really not that bad.

Let’s Get Busy!

And it’s good to be busy anyway. You know what happens to people who have nothing to do with their lives? Well, I’m guessing they’d probably end up on a psychiatrist’s chair too, like Monday. So cheer up if you always have a busy week at work. It’s probably one of the things that could keep you sane! J

I Don’t Like Mondays – The Video

You are probably familiar with the song I Don’t Like Mondays by the Boomtown Rats. If you’re not, shame on you! Anyway, watch the video below and see what the song is all about. It’s a serious and controversial song. And it’s one of my favorite songs too!

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