Exploring Romania and Its Cuisine

While Romania is known for its being under military rule and being strict, a wonderful way to go exploring Romania is by checking out its cuisine. It sounds different and weird, but sometimes you can learn more about a country by learning about the locals’ food.

Romanian recipes nowadays are greatly influenced by the rest of its history. For example, ever since the Turks brought the country meatballs, a lot of recipes needed meatballs in it. A good one is chiftele, a huge meatball covered with a flour crust.

Meat is a big part in its cuisine, mainly because some events call them to eat a certain meat. Before Christmas, or December 20, every rural family must slaughter a pig and eat pork dishes from that specific pig all day. At Easter, the main meat this time is lamb, particularly roast lamb.

Romanians are also good in creating vegetable dishes. They make succulent mushroom stews, pea stews, stuffed vegetables, salads, and veggie spreads. If you brought your kids to go exploring Romania with you, they might want to taste chiftelute de ciuperci, a chiftele made with mushrooms instead of meat. Surely, that will get them to make peace with their veggies.

I also absolutely love their desserts! Exploring Romania—or exploring any country, for this matter—is incomplete for me without tasting some native desserts. One would like to try cozonac. It looks like raisin bread (and tastes like it), sprinkled with sugar.

Wine is also a huge part of Romanian cuisine. It’s not surprising, considering that Romania is the world’s 9th largest wine producer and that it’s the preferred drink of most. They have lots of great, fruit-flavored wines.

Exploring Romania is great. Getting a taste of it, however, is great and delicious. Perfect.

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