Exploring Thailand

Most people who are off exploring Thailand tend to stick to restaurants that serve good old comfort foods like boring pasta, sandwiches, and soups. The braver, more curious ones, however, sample the country’s exquisite Thai food.

Exploring Thailand – Thai Cuisine

Although it’s true that most Thai dishes are extensively spicy, some are really good, tasting almost like the foods you have back at home. To take a peek in Thai cuisine, let’s see what they will normally eat every meal:

Before the country, everyone should eat breakfast, right? Try out chok, this is a rice porridge that can be eaten for snacks or breakfast. Or perhaps some khao khai chiao (omelette with rice), chili sauce, and cucumber slices. Khao tom, a rice soup with either pork, beef, or shrimp, is also a delicious option.

Exploring Thailand Through It’s Food and Drinks

A nice drink to keep your stomach satisfied while waiting for lunch is oliang, a sweet, black iced coffee drink. It’s good to keep a cup of it handy while exploring the place, because it will keep you energized, and quite full. Also, snack on some miang kham (or dried shrimp) in cha plu leaves, or maeng da, deep-fried giant water bug (it’s delicious, I promise).

What’s for lunch? I would love to have khao phat pu, please. While it unfortunately sounds like cow-fat-poo, it’s really fried rice with crab meat. Delectable, isn’t it? Or maybe phat thai kung, pan-fried rice noodles with a variety of delectble toppings. Dinner is usually the same.

And the most important staple of every meal: dessert. (Probably) Everybody needs dessert. While in Thailand that usually means fresh fruit, you could try out tako, coconut pudding that smells like jasmine. They’re in cups, so you could hold one around when you go about roaming the country.

Exploring Thailand – An Alternative

There are so many more mouth-watering dishes you could taste. If you can’t afford to fly to Thailand, just go visit a Thai restaurant. Take that, boring comfort food!

We hope that this report will inspire you in exploring Thailand as you travel around the world.

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