Four Benefits of Online Storage and Backups

Four Benefits of Online Storage and BackupsIt doesn’t matter whether your business is large or small, you should always be backing up your data. Otherwise, you might lose valuable data and money. If you are connected to the Internet, online backups are as easy as pressing the button that says “click here.” Moreover, online backups are cost-effective. Following are four benefits of online storage and backups:

  • They offer complete, incremental, and continuous backups.
  • They have programs that will automatically backup your data.
  • They provide offsite storage for your data.
  • You don’t have to maintain the hardware or backup programs.

Complete, Incremental, and Continuous

There are three main facets of backing up data: complete, incremental, and continuous. A complete backup is the first backup you make of your data. It copies every single file and can take a long time. Incremental backups make a copy of files that have changed since the last backup occurred. Continuous backups are set up so that they will make a copy of any file as soon as it is saved.

Automated Backups

Online storage sites have options that will allow you to schedule automated backups. This means that it will run a backup based on a schedule that you have set. Depending on how many changes occur and how often they occur, you can schedule a backup to run as often as you need it, such as once a day or once a week.

Offsite Storage

An important element of any backup system is that the data is stored offsite. If something should happen that destroys your computers or your business space, it ensures that you will still have your data. If you are using a physical medium to store your data, you will need to physically remove the storage from your location. When you use online storage, it is automatically stored elsewhere.

Hardware and Program Maintenance

When you use an off-site company for storing your data, you don’t have to maintain the computer system or the software programs. If something goes wrong when you “click here” to initiate a backup, they will troubleshoot the problem and fix it. For a small business, this can be very economical since you won’t have to interrupt your daily operations or hire a professional to solve the problem.

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