How to Prevent Frozen Pipes During Winter

It’s winter season again and the problems associated with frozen pipes are starting to creep up again. It presents too much of a problem when there’s no available hot water running inside the house. Or worse, your pipes can burst because of the freezing temperature and plumbing repair will surely cost you a lot of money.

Here are some ways on how to prevent frozen pipes when the winter season begins:

1. Insulate the pipes. By providing proper insulation on your pipes before winter time, you can prevent your pipes from being frozen. You will continue to have a supply of hot water in your house and you can be sure that your pipes won’t burst too.

2. Use heat tape. Wrap heat tapes around your pipes as this can warm up the pipes to avoid freezing.

3. Seal cracks. Get a sealer or putty and seal the cracks and openings that can allow cold air to affect your pipes. This will protect your pipes so that your water heating system will not be disrupted.

4. Allow your faucet to drip. By allowing your faucet to drip, there will always be water flowing along the pipes. This will reduce the chances of your pipes freezing up.

Follow those simple tips and you can prevent having frozen pipes.

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