How Software Can Benefit Janitorial Services

How Software Can Benefit Janitorial ServicesDigital technologies have permeated just about every work force, including that of janitorial services. Managing the cleaning, care, and maintenance of multiple facilities can be difficult, and the larger a janitorial business grows, the more complicated its organization gets. Today, there is special facilities management software available for those providing janitorial services. Instead of a complicated set of physical documents, this software is used to maximize organization and efficiency.

Work Orders

Work orders can be handled easily with the help of computer software. Every time a customer or client needs a product or service, they make their official request with a work order. Work orders are also used within an organization to request specific products and services. Janitorial management software creates a site where clients and others can submit work orders, which will instantly be distributed to those responsible for fulfillment. Using software also makes it easy to track each work order as it’s being fulfilled, so management can ensure that every work order has been completed and that every client is satisfied.


Scheduling is also made easier through the use of scheduling software. One of the vital steps of setting up a janitorial service with a particular client is scheduling a time during which the services will be performed. You don’t want to create a schedule with a client only to realize later that it conflicts with a pre-existing schedule. Janitorial scheduling software prevents this from happening, as all of your schedules and any potential conflicts can be viewed as you’re meeting with the client. Scheduling software can also be used to set automatic reminders, so your products and services always arrive on time.


Janitorial software can also be used to track data and produce reports. These reports consolidate information and presents data in a way that is easy to interpret. This data can then be used for forecasting and financial planning, and identifying areas that require more focus. The reports can also be used when making a bid to convince potential customers that your company is above the competition. Facilities management software is becoming invaluable as an organizational tool for janitorial services.

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