How Will I Know You?

How Will I Know You?

I will I know you

By the flowers you bring

And by the songs you sing.

I will look into your eyes

And see rainbows and rain

Kept safely hidden from the eyes of men.

I will recognize your voice

And your words will echo sweet memories of words yet unspoken.

I will remember your touch

The warmth of your skin

As you gently hold my hand.

And I will desire your kiss

And your warm embrace

As dry ground yearns for rain.

And you will tell me how much you love me

With all your strength and might.

You will give me your heart and your soul

Wrapped in true colors and sweet devotion.

And I will receive it

Gladly, affectionately, wholeheartedly.

I wrote this poem for my soulmate. I just thought I’d share it to the world!

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