Insanity Workout Review

Insanity Workout Review

This Insanity Workout Review will let you in on all the juicy details about this intense set of video exercises. This 60-day workout program is mainly comprised of plyometric drills as well as cardio, strength training, core, and resistance routines.

According to the customers at the site, this set is a very challenging training program. But if you do your best and stick with it, you will definitely be rewarded with great results. The trainer in this series of videos is Shaun T., a well-known fitness instructor. And as your personal trainer, he will guide you and motivate you to achieve your desired goals in losing weight and sculpting your body.

Over a thousand customers have left positive feedback on their Insanity workout review at the Amazon site. And satisfied customers gave this set of videos their thumbs up as they highly recommend it to fellow fitness buffs.

“Today is my 59th day of Insanity. And wow, I just can’t believe that I made it through all those rounds. I weighed today, and found that I am actually down by about 22 pounds.” – Storylover,

“Shaun T. is such a great motivator. He provides useful tips about the proper form of exercises and techniques as well. The music also adds assistance to the program. As the routines pick up in intensity, the music also pushes you to keep you going.” – A. Ort,

“Here’ my Insanity workout review. This program definitely works, that is, if you follow it by heart. Don’t worry so much about keeping up with all the people on the videos because really, NONE of the folks there were able to do all the routines up to the very end of the DVDs. So just do your best and at YOUR own pace. Yes, it’s not easy folks, but it surely works.” – C. N. Sheridan,

Insanity Workout Review – Key Features

  • Nutrition Guide – It comes with a nutrition guide to assist you in preparing the right kind of food that will fuel and strengthen your body all throughout the course.
  • Fitness Guide – You can read a short report on how to carry out the tasks in the program effectively.
  • Calendar – It lets you track your progress for the 2-month program.
  • 10 DVDs –There are 10 pieces of DVDs that cover workout routines and plyometric drills.
  • Program – Our Insanity workout review reveals that this program involves performing long bursts of highly intense workout procedures followed by short intervals of rest.
  • Online Support – You will be provided with free online tools to assist you during the training. You can also get support from fitness experts and fellow fitness enthusiasts.

Insanity Workout Review – Specifications

Developer: Beachbody

Product Dimensions: 12 x 9 x 3 inches

Product Weight: Approximately 1 pound

Fitness Instructor: Shaun T.

Insanity Workout Review -What You Need

You need to be in the best of health to be able to carry on with this program. Yes, it’s not called Insanity for nothing. It involves intense workout procedures that can lead to injury if you are not careful. But don’t let this scare you either, as you will be asked to go through a series of tests to see where you’re at physically. You can then proceed at your own pace, and you can even modify the training in a way that will suit your particular needs.

As far as equipment and accessories are concerned, you really don’t need anything special. An ample space is required of course, but everything else is optional. If you feel more comfortable using mats and knee and wrist support, then you can opt to make use of those things.

Insanity Workout Review – How it Works

Most of the routines in the videos call for 20 to 40 minutes of intense workout procedures. There are also some parts where you will be required to perform 50 to 60 minutes of continuous training.

Plyomerics focused on the lower body as well as other sweat-inducing techniques are used in order to burn fat efficiently. And for that lean and sculpted muscle look, you will be required to go through some power moves and strength training programs.

There are also exercise methods that target the abs; and this requires core moves and some cardiovascular workout procedures.

Don’t worry yourself though, as there’s also a so-called recovery period. Shaun T. makes sure that he goes easy on your training once a week so that you can prepare for the next set of training exercises for the next week. And, there’s also a recovery break after the first month of vigorous training.

Insanity Workout Review – What to Expect

You can expect a lot of floor exercises when you get this set of workout videos. You don’t need weights as you will be utilizing your own body’s weight in all of the programs. Plyometric as well as isometric exercises are also part of the whole routine. And cardio and core exercises are to be expected too. So think along the lines of push-ups and squats when you plan on pursuing this fitness program.

Insanity Workout Review – A Closer Look at Shaun T.

Shaun T. is a reputable trainer and he’s known as a great motivator. He will guide you all throughout the program and will even give you tips and techniques on how to achieve your desired results more efficiently and quickly. The background music on the videos will also help in inspiring you to push through the program by uplifting your mood and spirit.

Insanity Workout Review – A Final Warning

This is in fact an intense workout program. It will work for those who are in constant training or are at least exercising regularly. Beginners and non-exercisers will definitely find the methods incorporated in this program not only insane, but really hard to follow.

Insanity Workout Review – Our Recommendation

We highly recommend the Insanity 60-Day Total Body Workout Program to all those who want to gain a lean, muscular, and well-trimmed body. The procedures involved in this set of videos are undeniably difficult, but if you can discipline yourself to follow everything as instructed then you are sure to benefit from the phenomenal results.

Over a thousand customers at the Amazon site have testified to its usefulness and efficiency, and consumers are really impressed with this program. Just look at the Insanity workout review from said site and you will be able to conclude for yourself that a great body is indeed worth the investment of time, money, and effort.

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