Making Plans for a Water or Air Cooled Rental Chiller

It is impossible to accurately predict every likely scenario that could happen. Making plans for emergencies before the emergencies happen is part of a responsible management process. Machines break, you need downtime to repair and maintain existing machinery, or your current chillers can’t bear the load adequately, and that’s the time when your contingency plans make the transition to a rental chiller in Baton Rouge go smoothly and with minimal fuss.

Find a Chiller Rental Company

The first step is to research and identify a local chiller rental company that has the equipment you would require. One of the best ways to do this is to talk to various companies, invite them to your site, describe a possible scenario, and allow them to present you with a plan after they have conducted a site survey. The plan must include details about the length of time it would take to move the right equipment into place and get it hooked up and running based on several possible emergency and non-emergency scenarios. In this way, you will be able to get an idea of how much downtime you will face and how the rental will work with existing systems. Ask each company if they respond to emergencies on a 24-hour basis and if they include installation, training, and start-up in the package.

File the Plan

Once you have decided to hire a specific company for the job, keep emergency plans updated as your building’s needs change. Review these regularly in person with a competent company representative so that there are no surprises when revenue, production, or the comfort of your client base faces compromise. Give the company plenty of warning for scheduled shut downs so there are no nasty surprises when your back is up against the wall. When it is time to activate the plan, things will go far more smoothly and quickly—especially if key people on your staff have been trained in operation, if that is necessary. Having a rental chiller in Baton Rouge available for your use will certainly help keep productivity at desired levels and reduce a significant revenue decline.

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