Merry Christmas (2013)

Merry Christmas 2013I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Did you receive a lot of gifts? Well, I just hope that we all know the real value of Christmas, that it’s not just about material gifts. There are greater things than toys, gadgets, appliances, etc. And these gifts are priceless. They can’t be bought.

If you have a loving spouse, I sure hope you know how fortunate you are. A loving and wonderful husband/ wife is a gift from God. So tell that one love of your life how important he/ she is to you (if you haven’t yet). This is the best time to do it. Why wait until Valentine’s Day?

Children are also blessings from God. So this Christmas time, appreciate the joy that your kids have given you. Yes, Christmas is a special time for children, mostly because it’s that time of the year when they get a lot of gifts; but as parents and guardians, it is our duty to instill proper values in them too. So aside from giving them gifts, tell them about the real value of the season. It is a time of love; and gift giving is just a part of the whole tradition of showing the special people in our lives how much we care about them.

And let us not forget about the gift of friendship. For me, this is one of the most wonderful gifts in life. And during the Christmas season, I hope we all get to appreciate our friends. Our real friends. You know, even if we have every material possession in the world, these wouldn’t compare to the joy of having true friends. In this materialistic and pretentious world, finding honest and loving friends can be very difficult. So if you have a few of these souls who love you unconditionally, appreciate them and try to be as good to them too. Because if you lose them, it would be worse than losing all your money and material possessions. Unfortunately, only those who have found true friendships in their life will really understand what I’m talking about. And I hope that everyone reading this article has one or two real friends to fully understand the value of this kind of relationship.

And lastly, this Christmas 2013, let us not forget what the season is really about. It is supposed to be the celebration of Jesus’ birth. The birth of our Savior and Best Friend. He has shown the ultimate form of sacrifice, not just as a God but as a friend too. Let us appreciate everything that He has done for us. Let us thank Him by walking in his footsteps and walking in love.

Merry Christmas everyone! As we look forward to celebrating Christmas 2014, let us keep all the lessons of this year in mind. And let us not wait for the next Christmas Day to show the people we love how we really feel about them. Appreciate them everyday. Let us love everyday.

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