My Backup Pro Android App Review

As one’s Android device can contain files and apps that are very important to the user, a backup plan will ensure that nothing is lost in the event of unforeseen situations. This is just as important as using a backup software for your desktop computer. The My Backup Pro is useful for such purposes.


Backing up your files on your Kindle or any Android device will secure your favorite apps, games, ebooks, and other files that are stored in your device’s memory. This app also allows you to backup using an SD card.

How Does it Work?

Having this app will allow you to regularly backup existing and new files so as to prevent any loss in cases of unfortunate events. This will ensure that all your photos, contacts, games, ebooks, apps, and other important files are always kept safe.

Score: 4/5

This is a great backup app; but there are users who reported that files can still get lost with its usage. It is therefore recommended that other backup apps are used when saving important files as losing saved files can be very frustrating.

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