Pandora Kindle App Review

Music lovers want to have quick and easy access to their music 24/7. And that’s what Pandora is known for as you can stream music through this app so that you can listen to your favorite sounds through your tablet.


Pandora comes with a neat interface for easy manipulation and control. This allows you to have access to your favorite music even while on the go.

How Does it Work?

Use this app to search for artists and songs. You can also input a particular genre so as to come up with customized results. Options to shuffle and create your own stations are also provided for when you install this app on your Kindle device.

Score: 5/5

Pandora is a great app for free music on the web. Both old and new selections can be found on their playlist and the sound quality is good too. When you rate songs with a thumbs up or a thumbs down, the app will sense your type of music and make recommendations based on your ratings.

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