Pinterest Kindle App Review

This Pinterest app makes it really easy and convenient to access the site and update one’s account. It’s a site that’s dedicated to collecting and sharing photos over the Internet through the method of “pinning.”


The concept involved in Pinterest is to “pin” images that are of “interest” to you. Each Pinterest account is filled with the person’s favorite photos; and these are organized by pinning them in a virtual board. Other members of the site can access said images and pin them on their own boards if they like them.

How Does it Work?

This app makes it easier to collect your favorite images from around the web. You can pin as you surf the web; and you can also pin using the built-in camera in your Kindle device. Now you can find images, recipes and other stuff from the Pinterest site with the help of this app.

Score: 5/5

This Pinterest app gets a perfect score because it allows you to access and navigate the site conveniently. It’s the perfect pastime for fans of the site.

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