Using Straight Razor Blades for a Smoother Shave

Men are naturally hairy especially on the facial area, that’s why they need to shave regularly. There are a lot of razor blades for this procedure, but I believe that the old-fashioned straight razor blades can deliver the best results.

Now, straight razors are way different than the modern type of razors that are either powered by battery or electricity. With a straight razor, you literally hold a blade in your hands while shaving your beard or mustache.

Why would you use this old fashioned way of shaving when there are modern and more convenient methods? The answer is simple: the results are smoother. In fact, you will also notice that the shave is closer to the skin, so it also takes a while before the hair can grow back again.

If you have already been accustomed to using the straight razor, then I salute you. And I encourage you to carry on with this method.

But if you are a beginner to the old method of using a straight razor, then I must warn you sternly too. It’s not easy. And statistics show that a person can literally cut himself about a hundred times before the method can be perfected. Once you master it, however, you will find that it’s really easy and you will love its end result.

Needless to say, a razor is your main tool for shaving but you need other accessories too. You need shaving cream, skin toner, brush, and shaving bowl among others. If your facial hair is really coarse and thick, you may even find it necessary to steam it up first. To do this, you can simply turn on your faucet in the hot setting until the whole bathroom is steamed up. You can then proceed to shaving your beard and mustache when the hair follicles are softened.

If you have really sensitive skin, you should be careful about choosing your shaving and skin care products. Avoid those that have perfumes and fragrances as these can irritate your skin. You should instead look for those products that only contain natural ingredients like Aloe Vera.

Always keep your razor blades tightly sealed in a dry place too, so as to avoid corrosion and early wear and tear. And it’s important to have a complete set of all the necessary tools and accessories when performing this delicate task too.


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