Real Shanghai Mahjong Android App Review

Those who are into playing Mahjong will find the Real Shanghai Mahjong app interesting. It uses realistic Mahjong tiles so it provides for a realistic feeling of playing on a real Mahjong table too.


Mahjong fans are all too familiar with the looks, feel, and sound of Mahjong tiles. This game aims to provide for a realistic experience by using images and sounds that are believable.

How Does it Work?

You can choose from 100 Mahjong boards when playing this game. Your goal is to clear tiles that carry the same images so as to score points and level up in the game.

Score: 3/5

This game is incorporated with great art and designs that are truly impressive. The game itself is quite entertaining as well. However, those who are looking for a Shanghai Mahjong game will find this app disappointing as it’s simply a matching game. Moreover, the player needs to click right at the middle of a tile to control it; otherwise, it wouldn’t respond quickly.

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