Review of Android Netflix App

All movie and TV show fanatics will love having the Netflix app in their Android devices as it makes accessing movies and TV shows very convenient. You need a Netflix membership to use this; but if you are a current subscriber, you can use your membership details to use this app on your tablet.


Watching movies and TV shows while on the go has never been easier as you can now accomplish said task on a mobile device. You can even choose to finish the movie or show at another time and the app will automatically locate the time where you left off.

How Does it Work?

You can easily manage your Netflix subscription through this app. You can search by genre, title, and other categories. Netflix also continues to add new titles in their list; so you will have access to all the latest movies and TV shows just by using this program.

Score: 5/ 5

This Netflix app can provide for smooth video streaming; but you need to have Internet connection while using it. This is a great app for both old and new Netflix subscribers.

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