Review of Caribou Coffee K Cups

Caribou Coffee K Cups are the perfect companions for your Keurig coffee maker. This article will focus on giving you the basic description of each type of coffee cup from Caribou Coffee so as to serve as your guide when choosing the right blend of K cup for your family.

Extra Bold Caribou Coffee K Cups Reviews

  • Sumatra – This bold blend of coffee has the fragrance of fresh autumn leaves and aroma of cedar wood. It has the taste and sweetness of butterscotch and bitter taste quality of dark chocolate.
  • Mahogany – This dark and rugged coffee has tones of molasses and chocolate taste. You will also sense some wood and leather essences in its aroma.

Review of Dark Roast Caribou Coffee K Cups

  • French Roast – This dark roasted coffee has smoky flavors and a very distinct bittersweet taste. However, in spite of its heavy body, you will still experience a smooth texture of coffee drink with some hints of apple tartness in every sip.

Medium Roast Caribou Coffee K Cups Reviews

  • Colombia – This medium blend coffee has a well-balanced taste of real coffee goodness. It also gives off hints of walnut and tangerine tartness aftertaste.
  • Caribou Blend – This signature blend from Caribou Coffee will leave a lasting memory on your taste buds. It has a combination of bittersweet chocolate and fruity flavors.
  • Fair Trade – This special blend of coffee is a part of the Fair Trade cause of assisting farmers in selling their coffee products at a fair price. Its not-so-strong and not-so-mild taste will allow you to enjoy its unique flavor.

Review of Light Roast Caribou Coffee K Cups

  • Daybreak Morning Blend – This light blend of coffee is a perfect wake-upper. It has citrus and nutty tones combined with floral high notes.

Decaf Caribou Coffee K Cups Reviews

  • Sumatra Decaf – This extra bold blend of coffee tastes just like the regular blend; but it has 0% caffeine. You can enjoy a cup of coffee in this blend as much as you want to.
  • Caribou Blend Natural Decaf – This signature blend of mild coffee is decaffeinated; so you can enjoy the original brew minus the caffeine.

As you can see, Caribou Coffee offers you a wide selection of blends and flavors as you can choose from bold, medium bold, light, and even decaffeinated coffees. Purchasing Caribou Coffee K Cups is also economical as you can get one for as low as 50 cents per single serve cup. Cheap K Cups are hard to find these days; so coffee lovers will really appreciate this brand.


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