Review of Jump Desktop Kindle App

The Jump Desktop is a remote desktop application; so it can connect your home computer with your portable Android device. It’s useful for people on the go who want to access their desktop for business or entertainment purposes.


With the option to access your home computer on your Kindle device, you can virtually work from anywhere. The app allows you to access all the files that are stored on your desktop computer without actually eating up space on your mobile device.

How Does it Work?

Once installed and configured properly, you can use this app to access your desktop. The touchscreen functionality on your Android device will allow you to scroll using your fingers; and you can also pinch in or pinch out for zooming options.

Score: 5/5

This is a very useful app since it can be used to access files on desktop PCs and Macs. It’s easy to set up too since it comes with step by step instructions on how to configure it on your Android device.

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