Review of Notepad+ Kindle App

Even in this digital age, taking down notes is just as necessary as important little things can be easily forgotten when not jotted down. With your handy Kindle always by your side, you can use the Notepad+ app to serve as your digital note pad.


Having this app in your Android device is like having a paper notepad to write on. You can type your notes on it and even make use of different types of pens and highlighters. You can even use it to draw and sketch pictures, just like on a real paper.

How Does it Work?

Having Notepad+ on your Kindle will allow you to write down notes using different fonts. You will never run out of digital paper with this app since it is capable of handling multiple pages. You also have the option of using the built-in paper templates when writing down notes. It can also be used for doodling and sketching.

Score: 5/5

This is an easy to use app and the notepad functionality allows users to write down anything from reminders to drawings. The files can be shared and exported through the Internet too. And if you want to protect your notes from being read by unauthorized persons, you can use a password for it.

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