Review of Video Tube for YouTube

For people who are looking for an app to watch Youtube videos on their Android devices, the Video Tube for YouTube is certainly one of the many options you have. Yes, there are a lot of Youtube apps out there, but finding a functional one is often the main problem.


This app offers users with an easy-to-manage interface so that Youtube videos can be easily accessed on their Android devices. This way, watching on one’s mobile device will carry the same experience as when the videos are watched on a desktop or laptop computer.

How Does it Work?

When you have this app on your Kindle, you can easily search for videos on Youtube. You can even track your history so that you can go back to previous searches. You can also use this to log into your account and upload your own videos. It also allows you to manage your subscriptions and to post comments on other videos.

Score: 5/5

This is one of the best Youtube apps out there; and it’s free! Now you can easily and conveniently watch your favorite Youtube videos even when you’re on the go.

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