Should You Go to Villamar Beach Resort This Summer 2015?

So, should you even consider going to Villamar Beach Resort in Cavite this summer?

Believe it or not, a lot of people are still asking that question – especially those who grew up in Cavite back in the 60’s and 70’s. Yep, it was VERY popular back then, along with Lido Beach Resort which was located right next to it.

I myself had the same question in my mind for quite sometime, so I decided to check it out. I went there with a friend just this March so I was able to check the place out.

In this post, you will see my honest and unbiased review of the place. It will help you decide if you’d want to spend some of your summer vacation time in this particular beach resort.

Villamar Beach Resort Review

Here I am standing by the beach. This was taken at about 5PM.

Getting There…

Villamar Beach Resort is located at San Rafael IV, Noveleta, Cavite. It is actually at the boundary of Noveleta and Cavite City, so it’s really not that far from Manila.

Commuters will find it easy to get there. Just a bus ride from Manila – either from Baclaran, Coastal Mall, or any place where buses destined for Cavite City pass by – and you’re sure to get there.

Cavite bus drivers and conductors are all familiar with Villamar, so just tell them that you need to go there and they will drop you off at the exact spot. It’s just a short walk from the highway (where you’ll be dropped off) and you will pass by fish ponds to the left and the right side of the road before reaching the place.

The beach can be seen from the highway. It’s really that near. I would say about 15 to 30 minutes of walk (slow, leisurely walk).

Of course, it would be easier to get there if you have your own private vehicle. First of all, you will be passing by major roads and highways. And it will only take about 5 minutes (or less) from the highway (the drop off point I mentioned above) to the main beach.

Villamar Beach Resort

Here I am with my bestfriend, Susan. This shot was taken just outside the Villamar 1 restaurant.

Really REALLY Affordable Prices

What really prompted me to go to Villamar again is its price. These days, it’s really hard to find beach resorts that only charge P30 per head as entrance fee.

Also, the tables, cottages, and rooms are very affordable. As of this writing, prices for tables and cottages near the beach area range from P100 to P250 and private rooms can be rented for 12 hours from P500 (non-air con) to P1,500 (with air con).

For this particular visit, we rented a non-air con room for P500. It had a private bathroom with shower and an electric fan. It also had a nice balcony at the back overlooking the fish pond (we ate our lunch here).

I liked the bathroom because it was clean. The shower was functional and the toilet flushes well too. The bed was also comfortable and it had clean sheets. We were even given some blankets for our stay.

Villamar Cabana

This is where we stayed in. It’s called “Cabana.”

Swimming….. Strolling…. Picture Taking….

No, we didn’t swim in the beach because it didn’t look that clean. Well, we actually expected it to be quite dirty because water pollution in Metro Manila and the nearby provinces is just terrible.

Still, we walked along the seashore and took some pictures. The sand was brown and didn’t smell that good. Yes, we can actually smell the sand as we trekked the beach. There were some dead jellyfish that had insects hovering over them too.

The smell didn’t reach the restaurants and the tables that were located away from the seashore, though…

Villamar Location

See the photobomber in this shot? There were plastic cups, junk food wrappers, etc. just scattered around the beach.

Oh, and Another Bad Thing…

If you got disappointed with the beach setting that I just described, wait ‘til you here this.

The public bathroom stank!

Yeah…. It smelled so bad when we passed by it that we decided not to pass by it again. It’s a good thing we had a private bathroom in our rented room! Whew!

Villamar Beach Resort Cavite

These are the cottages that are positioned near the beach.

What I Think of the Beach

Well, obviously, this is not the Villamar Beach Resort that I knew in the 70’s (and even early 80’s).

A lot has changed.

The water condition is no longer good And the sand is no longer that clean.

If I remember right, however (because I was very young in the 70’s LOL), there were no private rooms back then – just cottages and tables. So I was really quite impressed with the buildings and structures that are now standing there. The rooms actually look good too (inside and out).

Best Resorts in Cavite

Here I am sitting at one of the cottages. There are more tables at the higher portion of the beach.

Will I Ever Go Back to Villamar?

Let me think…. hmmmmmm……

Yes. Actually, I can consider going back to this beach resort.

First of all, it’s really very affordable to check in their private rooms. Entrance is VERY CHEAP too (just P30!).

Although we only stayed in our room for most of our stay there to chat and catch up (we haven’t seen each other for more than a year, imagine that!), there were restaurants, stores and karaoke in the place too.

For this particular trip, we decided to bring our own food. So we didn’t really buy anything inside the resort.

Note, too, that Villamar Beach Resort is open 24/7. They also have security guards and life guards. The place looks safe and secure.

Best Places to Go to in Cavite

Here I am walking along the balcony of the restaurant at Villamar 2 (the right side).

Should You Consider Going to Villamar?

If you’re a little low on the budget and just want to hang out with family and friends, you can include Villamar in your list of choices.

No, I wouldn’t recommend the place for swimming, but it’s a good place to have a picnic. If the tide is high, I am sure the seashore wouldn’t be as stinky too.

Also, you can opt for the tables that are located a few meters away from the beach, so that you can still enjoy the view without smelling anything. You can also rent their private rooms so that you can relax better during your stay. Having your private bathroom should also be one of your priorities.

Resorts in Cavite

This was taken inside the Villamar 1 restaurant. There’s a Karaoke bar here too.

Reservations, Accommodations, and the Staff

Guess what? You don’t even need to call for reservations if you want to check in their rooms. I think it would be safe to assume that there will always be vacant rooms because this is not a popular beach resort anymore. In fact, even Cavitenos themselves no longer recommend this place – especially since there are a lot of better choices out there (but more expensive too).

Still, you can check out their official website by clicking here. You will find contact numbers there if you want to inquire about their prices, accommodations, etc.

Since we checked in at Villamar 1 (left side), I called a lady named Lolit first to inquire about it. Villamar 2 is located at the right side – this is where I’m planning to check in when I return to the resort.

Lolit (Villamar 1’s manager) was very friendly and accommodating. She provided us with a nice private room with a good view and was always checking up on us. She even gave us a few hours of extension when we were still there after the cut off time. We really appreciate that. Thanks, Lolit! 🙂

Cavite Beach Resorts Reviews

Here’s one last look at the Villamar Beach Resort. It’s breathtaking especially during sunset. Yes, I will surely come back!

If You Know What to Expect, You’ll Surely Have a Good Time!

Sooooo…. If you know what to expect, I really think you’d have a nice time at Villamar Beach Resort. I was with my bestfriend, Susan, so we really had a good time.

If your purpose for coming to Villamar is just to relax and unwind, it’s worth checking out. I suggest bringing good company and good food – and everything will surely be magical!

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