Starbucks House Blend T Discs Review

Are you a really REALLY big fan of Starbucks House Blend coffee? If you are, then you should get the Starbucks House Blend T Discs while you can. We will present you with a review of this particular blend of Starbucks T Disc so that you will have an idea as to its overall taste and quality.

Exploring the Starbucks House Blend T Disc

If you enjoy the taste of the Starbucks House Blend gourmet coffee being served at the coffeehouse, then we are 100% sure that you will enjoy the T Disc version as well. Why? Because it tastes just like the real thing!

Starbucks roasts are always brilliant and vibrant; and the T Discs are no different. In fact, all Starbucks products basically taste the same – the Starbucks House Blend coffee being served at the cafĂ©, the Starbucks House Blend granules brewed from drip coffee makers, and the Starbucks House Blend T Discs.

Yes, amazingly, they all have the same coffee quality and goodness that you would expect from such a renowned manufacturer of coffee. So, kudos to Starbucks for maintaining such a high quality standard in their products!

Rating the Starbucks House Blend T Disc

The Starbucks House Blend T Disc makes a great cup of coffee. We are giving it an overall rating of 10 stars out of 10 stars. The aroma is very much similar, if not exactly the same, as the scent you get from the coffeehouse itself.

The level of acidity is quite high, but it is not too overpowering. The body of the Starbucks House Blend coffee is medium bold with a slight kick to wake you up in the morning. As for the mouth feel and taste, it has a vibrant and rich coffee taste with a smooth finish.

A Medium Blend Coffee for Strong Coffee Drinkers

Although categorized as a medium blend coffee, the Starbucks House Blend can be appreciated by both medium and bold coffee drinkers. The finished brew is not watery at all, as it has a dark and rich texture.

The Starbucks House Blend coffee T-discs can save you a lot of money as you can now make gourmet coffee right in your own kitchen. Note that you need a Tassimo brewer to use T-Discs.


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