Shaving Tips: How to Avoid Having Shaving Bumps

Did you know that improper shaving techniques can cause shaving bumps? Here are some shaving tips on how to avoid having shaving bumps.

1. Use the right tools. Make sure that you use a sharp razor when you shave. A blunt razor will not be able to provide you with a clean shave and it can cause skin irritation and other problems as well.

2. Preparation techniques. Before shaving, prepare the area that needs to be shaved. Apply warm water as the heat will open the pores on your skin and dilate the blood vessels to prepare the skin for shaving. Make sure to lather the area well too; hydrating the skin will make the hair more pliable for an effective and clean shave.

3. Use the right products. Avoid products that contain perfume as this will irritate your skin and cause shaving bumps.

4. Go with the grain. When shaving, don’t go against the hair growth in order to achieve a close shave. Going against the grain will cause your skin to have shaving bumps and rashes.

5. Apply toner after shaving. Use an alcohol-free toner right after shaving. This will kill any bacteria that may be present on your skin.

Follow those shaving tips and you will avoid having shaving bumps and irritation on your skin. You can also consult your dermatologist in order to find out about the right shaving products and facial scrub for your particular skin condition.

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