The Basics of Social Security Retirement Benefits

Social security is a broad category that encompasses many different areas of benefits that people can receive as part of their citizenship within the United States. Social security covers many different areas and kinds of benefits that a person can receive. A social security attorney in Atlanta is one of the best ways that a person can come to understand the myriad of different methods that social security benefits can adopt to play a role in a person’s life. Some of these benefits include retirement benefits for those who have finished working.


Retirement benefits are designed to assist those who have worked for a sufficient number of years. The benefits are allotted to an individual after they retire. Typically to receive these benefits a person must have worked in a non-government industry for at least ten years. The rationale behind social security benefits for individuals who have been employed for a certain number of years is that they have been paying taxes into the system for most of their lives. By the time they are ready to retire, the government restores some of those funds to the individual to help them through their retirement years.

Age Requirements

Usually an individual has the opportunity to retire at sixty-two and receive retirement benefits. However, because this is considered an early retirement, the individual will permanently receive less benefits than they would have if they waited to retire until the full retirement age. Full retirement is between the ages of sixty-five and sixty-seven, depending upon the year they were born. There is a further incentive for workers to continue until they are seventy years of age. When a worker retires at seventy rather than taking early retirement or even the regular full retirement age, the amount of benefits that they can receive is slightly, but permanently, increased. When to retire can be a difficult decision for any potential retiree to make. The slight decrease or increase in retirement benefits is something for a potential retiree to discuss with their social security attorney in Atlanta. The psychological benefits from retiring early might outweigh the financial benefits of retiring late.

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