The Colosseum in Rome Italy

Rome, which is the capital of Italy, is the largest and most popular city in this country. It is also the most populated as it is inhabited by around 2.7 million residents which keeps growing each year.

One of the best tourist attractions in this part of the world is the Colosseum ruins which is located in the heart of the city. This boasts of some of the great architectural designs that can never be equalled to this day. It used to hold about 50,000 spectators for such thrilling events like gladiator fights, animal hunts and even executions. These public spectacles can actually be still felt today when you enter the arena of death.

Indeed, Rome has such an interesting history that dates way back in time. It has always been a dominating force in Western Europe and stories about the Roman kingdom and Roman empire can never be forgotten.

So when you are touring around the world, always include Rome in your itinerary. Your experiences here will be unmatched as the beauty of the place will still haunt you when you get back home.

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