The Rise of Live Wedding Bands Again

In the past, NYC wedding bands were easy to find. Every wedding you went to or were a part of had a band playing wedding-type music. However, over the years, that faded into a DJ playing records rather than a live band. However, over the recent past, live bands at weddings have become popular again. It is truly a resurgence of something that was once popular and then became nearly extinct.

Finding the Right Band for Your Wedding

One of the challenges to finding the right band for your wedding can simply be a difference in taste of music between you and your fiancé. However, the best way to resolve that is to begin looking at bands together. Keep an open mind and seek out bids and samples from many different bands. It is interesting how many couples are able to find something they both like, even if they do not have the same taste in music to begin with. This happens when a couple mutually listens to samples from a band with a music style that neither of them has listened to before. This is often when a couple is able to compromise on the music they want, and thus the band they will hire to play at their wedding.

Why Music Is Important at a Wedding

Music sets a tone at any event in which it is played. Weddings are a great example of how music can set the proper tone. Having nice, soothing music helps produce a nice, romantic background for the reception. It can also help bring calm to an otherwise hectic day. Planning a wedding can be stressful, and it is nice to have good music that can relax and set the right mood for the wedding reception.

Why Live Bands Have Become Popular Again

Perhaps the reason live NYC wedding bands have become so popular again is because they offer a quality that cannot be gained through even the best music equipment today.  There is something romantic about having a live band there, playing live instruments and singing in person. Some of this may also be a result of the increase in popularity of instrumental music over the last decade.

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