Top Places to Visit: Graceland

Top Places to Visit: Graceland

I am an Elvis Presley fan, and that’s why visiting Graceland is one of my future plans. It’s where the king of rock n roll used to live, and I really find that interesting. And somewhat haunting. Why? Well, up to this day, there are reports that he’s still alive, that’s why. And he did have a quite controversial death.

Why Graceland?

So anyway, Graceland is located in Memphis, Tennessee, so I can imagine Elvis going around the place especially when he was not yet famous. And the house, the Graceland mansion, it’s really really big! It’s a museum now, so it has all of Elvis’ stuff there, guitar, clothes, etc.

It would be nice to see the different rooms in the large house too, like the bedrooms, library, guest rooms, recording studio and others. I wonder how many rooms are in that house anyway? There are also probably a lot of servants’ rooms.

The Meditation Garden

They also have a memorial graveyard there, and I’d like to see that too. Elvis’ parents were buried there. In fact, Elvis is buried there too. And some reports say that there’s also a memorial stone for his dead twin brother. Even the name of the graveyard is mysterious and captivating, it’s called the Meditation Garden.

The Music-Theme Inspired Gate

I also want to see the music-inspired gate. It’s always in the news, and pictures of the Graceland gate are already very familiar. But it would feel different to finally see it standing in front of you, and touch it.

So for now that remains to be a dream of mine. And I’m sure a lot of Elvis fans are dreaming about the same thing. Graceland is a historical place, and it gets hundreds of thousands of visitors per year. I hope one day I’ll be one of those visitors.

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