Top Places to Visit in Philippines

Going to the Philippines seems like another thing to whine about for most children unless you know the top places to visit in Philippines for kids. While traveling can be exciting to adults, it may not be the case with kids. For one thing, it’s stressful to pack and rush to get on the plane. Also, it could get boring if all they do is walk all day and spend their nights cooped up in a hotel room. However, it’s not as bad as it sounds…when you know where to go.

Top Places to Visit in Philippines – The Beaches!

Top Places to Visit in PhilippinesIf there are places you must visit in this country, its their beaches. The most popular choices are those from Boracay and Palawan. A lot of tourists come over to see their white sand beaches, pristine water, and bold caves. There’s no way the kids would be bored when they spend their day swimming with dolphins and exploring caves.

Other Top Places to Visit in Philippines

A more exotic area to visit is, no doubt, Bohol. This could be number one in my list of the top places to visit in Philippines. Considered one of the loveliest islands in Southern Philippines, Bohol has rolling green hills, historical buildings, and magnificent native flora and fauna. Kids would be excited to know about the tarsier and Bohol’s Chocolate Hills.

The Hundred Islands is also another great vacation spot. Not only is it beautiful, but children will have a wonderful time knowing that tourists could rent their own private beach.

Top Places to Visit in Philippines – Where to Get Souvenirs

If your kids usually brighten up when they get to bring home nice souvenirs, you could go check out Divisoria. While it may not sound like one of the top places to visit in Philippines—and it certainly does not look like one—you can buy all sorts of great stuff at a cheap price. Children could be busy “ooh”ing and “aah”ing at all the products.

Enjoying Your Stay

Take note, though, that these are just few of the top places to visit in Philippines; the country is overflowing with lots of glorious islands and cities. Sure, it may be hot and different, but when the kids are busy having the time of their lives, who’s complaining?

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