Travel John Portable Bathroom Review

Travel John Portable Bathroom Review

For a disposable urinary pouch, the Travel John portable bathroom pack can be used for all types of traveling situations. This has a unisex adapter so men, women, as well as children can use the pouch safely and conveniently.

The Travel John portable bathroom comes in a pack of 3 and it can easily fit backpacks, travel bags and purses without adding too much bulk. And because of its adaptability, the pouches can be used in both standing and sitting positions.


  1. 3-Pack – There are 3 pieces of disposal urinary pouches in every pack of Travel John portable bathroom. It is recommended that each pouch is used only once and disposed of properly, but these can actually handle up to 2 uses or even more.
  2. Sanitary Design – Urine is quickly transformed into a gel-like form inside the pouch. It is therefore spill-proof and odorless as well.
  3. Suitable for male and female – Each disposable urine pouch has an attachment that can be used by men, women and children.


Size: 2 x 5 x 2 inches

Weight: Approximately 1 ounce

Pros and Benefits of Using the Travel John Portable Bathroom

  • Easy to use – The urinary pouches are easy and simple to use and can be disposed of conveniently too.
  • Odorless – The Travel John portable bathroom pouch is designed to absorb the odor from the urine.
  • Spill-proof – As urine is quickly turned into gel, you can be sure that the pouches won’t leak.

Cons and Negative Aspects of the Travel John Urine Pouches

  • Some consumers have complained that the urine pouches are not equipped with snap-shut lids. However, there were no complaints of any leakage as liquid wastes are quickly transformed into gel once inside the pouch.

Travel John Portable Bathroom Review

Customers are very pleased with the Travel John portable bathroom pouches as these can provide a solution to unexpected emergencies. As a matter of fact, this brand and type of disposable urine pouch has an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars at the site. Here are some of the user reviews that you will find on said site:

  • “If you have kids and travel, then these are a must. Any parent understands why. When hiking in some national parks, you have to pack out your waste. These would work great for this.”
  • “These are the best things for those middle of the night “nature calls” I have used them several times in my 2 person tent with no problems. It is amazing how much they hold.”
  • “I take these with me wherever I go. You never know when you will be stuck in a situation of limited options for restrooms!”

Our Recommendation

Yes, we are recommending the Travel John portable bathroom to all travelers. This product is also useful for short trips to the park when you are bringing along your children. The principle behind the “portable bathroom” is simple and convenient, and it provides for a sanitary and safe way to relieve one’s self when there are no restrooms around. Overall, the Travel John portable bathroom is a good product and a terrific invention at that.

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