Travel to Japan: An Advisory

If you want to travel to Japan at this time, then this article will be helpful to you. It will provide you with the latest updates as to the current situation in the country and you can make an intelligent decision as to whether you should go or not.

Because of the recent earthquake and tsunami damages that have befallen Japan, the country lies in a state of calamity. Although not all parts of the country have been affected, it would be wise to avoid including it in your touring destinations for now. You should also be particularly aware that the North Eastern Japan and Tokyo are the areas that are hardly hit by the disaster earthquake so going to these places is not only impractical but it can pose some threats to your health as well.

Aside from the terrible nightmare that the tsunami and earthquake has left, there are still aftershocks that can be felt in certain areas when you travel to Japan. Moreover, the food and water supplies are also greatly affected which makes living in these areas uncomfortable and quite tough. Even the transportation facilities are highly affected too as major roads and highways have also been devastated by the killer quake, leaving pavements and concretes cracked and unfit for travelling. And to make matters worse, even the communication lines have been cut in some areas as wires and towers that provide signals to cell phones have also been destroyed. In fact, the power supply in hardly hit areas still continue to be down as the government tries its best to restore these facilities as soon as they can.

If you still want to travel to Japan at this point, then you should also avoid going near the Fukushima nuclear power facilities. The situation has not yet been contained and controlled in the nuclear plant and you could be exposing yourself to harmful radiation. In fact, a government warning of a 20 km exclusion zone has already been issued but a safer distance of 80 km or more is safer as radiation effects can be carried by air. Nevertheless, iodine tablets are provided for as a contingency measure as taking one tablet of this can protect the body against the harmful effects of said radiation for 24 hours. However, the supply for this type of medication is also limited that’s why it is only being given to families in small quantities. The government wants to make sure that there will be enough stock of this effective and highly valuable medicine for extreme situations such as a complete nuclear plant meltdown.

Flights and tour packages are still available to travel to Japan. So if you really need to visit some relatives and loved ones that are situated there, you can still do so. However, you should also take some necessary precautions so as to protect your health and safety.

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