Tulip Bulbs for Spring Time

It’s almost Spring… are you ready with your tulip bulbs? Tulips are a favorite come Springtime, and it would only be practical to make advance preparations for your garden in order to enjoy their bloom as soon as winter is over.

There are over a hundred varieties of tulips, and each and every one of these carry certain characteristics that are only their own. There’s a wide variety of colors too, like red, yellow, orange, pink, violet, and more. If you are like me, I’d like my garden to be filled with different colors of flowers. But if I were to choose only one color, I’d probably choose the color red. Its vibrant color simply signifies life, and red also carries the theme of love.

It’s really quite exciting to plant tulip bulbs and then wait for their flowers to bloom. Depending on the type of soil in your garden, you can dig anywhere from 4 inches to 12 inches. This will also depend on the breed of tulips that you are planting as there are varieties that only grow up to 4 inches and there are also those that can reach up to 28 inches. You will need to dig deeper for the long stemmed tulips so that their roots can hold firmly to the ground.

While you may be tempted to water your tulip bulbs every day, you should know that too much water can lead to rotting. And when this happens, your tulip bulbs will become useless as they will die. So keep in mind to keep the soil moistened but not overly drenched with water.

Positioning the bulbs also requires that you are careful with the placing. Close your eyes and imagine how you want your garden to look in full bloom, and use this as your guide in positioning the bulbs. If you want, you can place 2 bulbs close together, or you can use random spacing instead. But once you have placed them all in a certain order, make sure that you gently put back the soil so that the bulbs are kept in place. Note, too, that the tip of the bulb should always be the one facing upwards.

So that’s it, you can start planning for your spring garden so that you will have a wonderful and breathtaking view come springtime. Get a wide variety of tulip bulbs to make your garden a rainbow of flowers!


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