Visit a Spa and Salon to Decrease Stress

Visit a Spa and Salon to Decrease StressDo you need to visit a place like G2O Spa and Salon? Maybe you’ve had a rough day. Things just aren’t going your way and you’re starting to feel the effects. Prolonged feelings of negativity can lead to increases in stress hormones. Stress hormones are ingrained in human DNA for the purpose of protection. If you have ever been in a life-or-death situation, you know the stress response can be important for survival and amazing to experience. A skydiver was doing a group dive one day. His group decided to try a new formation which they had never attempted before. The group messed up the formation and went spinning apart. His friend ended up below him in the air. He was panicked and didn’t look up before releasing his parachute. This gave his friend above mere milliseconds to react. An impact of that force at freefall would have caused death for both men. So the skydiver’s stress response kicked in. He maneuvered himself in a way that just barely avoided a very nasty impact and survived. Afterwards he couldn’t explain how he knew to move that way. He just relied on instinct and found a way to survive. This type of stress response is great to have. However, a similar type of response can become a chronic occurrence due to everyday stress. This can lead to serious derangement of health and wellness.

Save Your Life from Chronic Stress

As you see from the story above, the stress response can save your life. However, it can also kill you. That is why it can be important to unwind and relax at a place like G2O Spa and Salon. Chronic stress from work can lead to problems with systems that do not function well with stress. Healing, digestion, and energy systems can all become compromised. Natural stress is a situation that is dealt with quickly and it is usually a life-or-death situation. Chronic stress is unnatural and is caused by prolonged worrying, anger, guilt, or other negative feelings. The body shuts down systems that are unnecessary for surviving the next five minutes when it is under stress. This can save your life because it diverts those resources to systems that can save your life. Heightened reflexes, stronger muscles, and dulled pain are all possible with the fight-or-flight response. However, when stress lasts for long periods of time, your health will suffer.

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