Watch & Save for YouTube Review

YouTube fans will like the Watch & Save for YouTube – uTube app as it makes the site easy to access by using an Android device. Videos, music, and soundtracks are just a click away when you have this on your Kindle.


In a nutshell, this app works as a YouTube player. It lets you access files from said video sharing site just like on your desktop computer.

How Does it Work?

You can use this Youtube player to access video and music files from the site. It also provides for full screen capacity so that you can enjoy watching videos on your Android device. Its functionality includes the ability to access music and videos instantly and you can subscribe to your favorite channels too.

Score: 4/5

This app functions well as a YouTube player and it proves to be really useful for YouTube fans. The only thing that kept it from getting a perfect score is that it comes with a lot of ads, which can be quite annoying at times.

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