What Is the Best Time to Visit Car Dealers?

Have you ever wondered when most drivers buy a new car? Smart consumers wait until Chicago Ford dealers have a sales event or reduce the price on some of their inventory for other reasons. Getting a good deal will give you a great feeling, especially when a lot of money is beinginvested.If you are lucky, you can even buy a better car than you had originally planned. That will earn you extra bragging rights. Do you want to know when it is the best time of the year to purchase a vehicle? Keep reading to find some clues.

Special Holidays

Automakers and car dealerships offer better deals during the holidays because consumers usually have a bit of extra cash on hand. They also have more time for research and to inspect the stock on the lot. If you are in need of a vehicle, try to hold on to the old one until a special sales event has been announced. Know which vehicle you want, and compare the deals between various local dealerships.Salesmen often lower the price to be competitive. Use that to your advantage.

The End of the Month

Salespeople are encouraged to meet a certain quota each month. If a salesperson has trouble selling enough vehicles to meet that number, he or she may be more lenient on the sales price just to meet theirset goal. Hungry for extra business, they may make you an offer you simply cannot refuse. Sometimes the dealer will also offeraccessories to sweeten the deal, or suggest better financing options.

Cleaning out Inventory

Did you hear a commercial on the radio that a dealership is cleaning out stock to make room for the latest collection? No matter if you want a new or pre-owned car, now is the time to act. Strike when the iron is hot, because dealers recognize that the best way to attract a lot of customers is to lower the price on cars that are currently just collecting dust.

The End of a Model

Every year, new models are being released. That means that Chicago Ford dealers have to clear space in their showrooms. Listen for radio or TV announcements, anywhere from late summer to winter. There is nothing wrong with buying an older model. Those vehicles tend to be just as good for a lower price.

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