Why It’s Important to Obey Traffic Rules

If you are a licensed driver, then you already know that there are a lot of traffic rules that we should follow on the road. These rules will help in keeping the flow of traffic smooth, and it will also ensure the safety of every one.

One of the things that you should be familiar with is the speed limit. Now, this varies from area to area. So always look around for signs and warnings. The speed limits are based on a lot of factors (number of vehicles, people, width of roads, etc.) so it would be good to follow them.

Always wear your seatbelt too. Statistics show that this car accessory has indeed saved a lot of lives since its implementation. And the next life to be saved could be yours.

Note of the pedestrian lanes too. You should give way to people who are crossing as they have a right to be on the streets too.

And of course, the traffic light should be strictly monitored too. Red means red, and beating the red light can cause damage to property and even cause unnecessary accidents.

Indeed, there are a lot of signs on the road that we should follow. There are school zones, hospital zones and church zones that should be respected, and we shouldn’t be honking our horns and making a lot of noise when in those areas. It’s not only about the rules, we should have consideration for such places too.

When you see the yield sign, for example, (yes, that triangle thing) we should be ready to yield. Slow down and look around for merging traffic ahead, and this will make it safe for everyone on the road.

Always practice road safety as you are not the only one driving in your car. Let us be considerate to one another and treat each other respectfully by giving in or yielding when necessary. By driving safely, road accidents can be avoided at a great percentage.

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