Why You Should Go to Disneyland

Why You Should Go to DisneylandThere are lots and lots of reasons why you should go to Disneyland. Disneyland is known as the happiest place on earth. And rightfully so, since it’s such a wonderful and magical place. Kids love it, and the inner child in every mature person can also appreciate the beauty and festivities that are always present in this theme park.

Why You Should Go to Disneyland? Because it’s Special!

What makes Disneyland so special? Mickey Mouse and his friends are the ones entertaining the guests here. And we all grew up with said characters, right? They are our friends since childhood and they have somehow shaped us in who we are right now, or who are going to be.

Yes, the Disney characters have so much influence that children imitate them. And what’s good about it is that these characters have such a positive influence that a person’s attitude and outlook in life can improve dramatically. That’s why children and parents love them!

Why You Should Go to Disneyland? There are Rides, Rides, and Lots of Rides!

The rides also play a major role in bringing happiness to the whole family. These are not just ordinary rides, you know. Most of them are exclusively made for the theme park. Children will enjoy riding in small twirling swings that go round and round and round. And the more daring ones in the family will like the Ferris wheel and Roller Coaster rides.

The Souvenirs – Another Reason Why You Should Go to Disneyland

And one can’t resist going to the souvenir shops too. T-shirts, caps, and other memorabilia can all be taken home to remember this very special place. You can also have your picture taken with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, and the rest of the gang!

Super Friendly Disney Staff and Employees!!!

What about the staff? The people at Disneyland are all very friendly and helpful. They will assist you with everything you need so as to make sure that your stay in the theme park is pleasant and enjoyable.

Why You Should Go to Disneyland? Because it’s the Number 1 Tourist Spot in the World!

Needless to say, every day is a fun day in Disneyland. This cheerful place is the number 1 tourist spot in all the world, and the crowd of people that go here are always enormous.  And even if you have been here before, you will find yourself going back again and again, reliving old memories and making new ones as well.

Yes, it is indeed the happiest place in the world; and even for a day, you will forget all your problems and concerns in life. The atmosphere is always friendly and welcoming here, that you’d think that you are in another world. A happy world… since Disneyland is truly a magical place. That’s why you should go to Disneyland!

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